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  • Who is right for this program?
    We have different backgrounds and age ranges in our student population. Generally speaking, students ages 14 and up will benefit from our curriculum and coaching in the four pillars of life skills areas. Students wondering if and where/when they should go to college, students contemplating joining the military or pursuing a vocational program at a trade school, professionals who have lost or are changing jobs or those who want to start a business will benefit.
  • Do you provide coaching in addition to the self-paced virtual curriculum?
    Yes! The International Society for Performance Improvement conducted a study that showed a 221% return on investment (ROI) for paid life coaching in personal and professional development. Coaching is an integral part of our program and gives our students the best chance to achieve success with the material we present through the curriculum and one on one sessions. Get started with our free 7 day trial and decide later if you want to add on individual coaching. Group coaching calls are free with your subscription!
  • Why the four pillars of life skills?
    We've found that the four life skills areas we teach on in our core program are the most undertaught or absent subject areas in traditional educational institutions. Life By Design (personal development), Relationship Currency (relationships in life and business do matter), Money Matters (personal finance and investing) and Begin with the End in Mind (career planning) are the core values of Redy U and are the most valuable life skills areas that determine one's success, fulfillment level and quality of life.
  • Are you a Christian-based program?
    We believe that spiritual truths are important and principles of the Christian faith produce a high quality of life but we are not a Bible school or Christian curriculum per se. Our curriculum includes flavors of spirituality but mostly focuses on common sense, practical principles that will help you lead a better life.
  • Who are your coaches?
    We have a fabulous roster of coaches with diverse backgrounds who are highly trained in our curriculum and coaching methodology. By focusing on what's important to YOU, our coaches will guide you along a path to freedom and toward fulfilling your divine destiny.
  • Why Redy U?
    Relevant Education Designed for You was created because we saw a need for real-life skills to be taught at a higher level and with specific content that could be immediately applied in the lives of our students. The four pillars of life skills that we teach directly impact your level of fulfillment, quality of life, income, sense of purpose, self-confidence, relationships and professional pathway. There is no program out there that teaches these four areas as in-depth as Redy U and provides high-value one-on-one coaching as a key component of our program.
  • Is Redy U accredited?
    No, and we don't believe that is necessary at this time. In the future, we may develop a fully accredited degree program but we believe that we were put on this earth to bridge the gap between traditional education and real world success. We help our students lead fulfilling lives by coaching them in the wisdom of spiritual truth and valuable life skills. We educate the next generation to succeed personally and professionally through interactive and applicable online courses, group sessions and one-on-one coaching. As a wave of the future, Redy U is the first of its kind and a true 21st century education, where accreditation may not be necessary to achieve life goals and certain professional pathways.
  • Are you anti-college?
    No, we believe college is right for some and not right for others. Certain professional pathways can be pursued and achieved without going to a traditional college but others require an accredited college degree. We are here to help you find out and make decisions on what is right for YOU, because your future matters!
  • Do I get a certificate when I'm done with the four courses?
    Upon completion of the full program, you will receive our official certificate as a Redy U program graduate.
  • Will you help me choose a mentor in my chosen professional pathway at the end of the program?
    Yes, if you enroll in weekly coaching. We will connect you with a mentor in your chosen field at the end of the program and he or she will meet with you virtually for one session to give you even more real-world knowledge on next steps you should take. For example, should you want to join the military, we will connect you with a military recruiter or active-duty member. If you want to start your own business, we will connect you with a business owner you can talk to. If you want to become an electrician, we will connect you with a local trade school instructor or business owner, etc. We personalize this process as a valet career-planning experience for our students who add on individual weekly coaching.
  • When will you launch the live group sessions?
    Depending on enrollment volume this year, we plan to launch group sessions by the beginning of 2023. Redy U alumni will be able to participate in those sessions free of charge.
  • What is the time commitment like for the whole program?
    Think of Redy U as a life skills boot-camp but with minimal time commitment. Each week, you will watch prerecorded videos, take a quiz and download other materials to study. Then, you will work on the outside activity or "homework" for that week. You can attend the group coaching calls for free or work one on one with your assigned coach to discuss how the principles directly apply to you, your situation and your future. So, all in, you could complete the full program in 2-3 hours a week within 2-3 months. Work at your own pace!
  • Will you offer more classes than just the four pillars in the future?
    Yes, we plan to offer add-on classes in subject areas such as: entrepreneurship, real estate investing, critical thinking and leadership, and health and nutrition. If there is a class you'd like to see us offer in the future, please submit your ideas by going to
  • Is the entire program virtual?
    Yes, our modules are all online and the coaching sessions will take place virtually.
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