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Relationship Currency


  • Experience meaningful connections

  • Make a positive difference

  • Enjoy profitable collaborations

Week #1 – Family Relationships

  • What is the plan and purpose of family?

  • Do roles and goals limit or increase our effectiveness in the family?

  • What does it mean to teach what we know but reproduce who we are?


Week #2 – Interpersonal Relationships

  • Why are relationships so challenging?

  • What is the E.A.R. framework for effective communication?

  • How can I use the sacred S.A.L.E.S. formula to improve all my relationships?


Week #3 – Business Relationships
  • How can relationships help me succeed in my career?

  • How do I find and work with like-minded individuals?

  • What are the questions to ask people in a networking setting?

  • What does it mean to be a person of influence on the job and in my community?


Week #4 – Leadership and Critical Thinking
  • What are the main principles of leadership?

  • How do I work in teams as both a leader and a follower?

  • What are the critical thinking tools to learn how to think not what to think?

  • What is the Urgent-Important matrix and how do I use it?

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Money Matters


Begin with the End in Mind

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