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Life By Design


  • To answer Life’s Big Questions

  • To create a Life By Design instead of Default

  • To live free & fulfilled instead of enslaved & frustrated

Week #1 – Who Am I?
  • What is a life by design vs. default?

  • What is success?

  • What are the 8 dimensions of well-being?

  • Is life worthy of pursuit?​

Week #2 – Why Am I Here?
  • What really matters?

  • In what ways do I separate myself from the competition?

  • By what, will I measure my life?

  • What is the best strategy to sustain motivation and focus?

Week #3 – What Do I Have?
  • How do I optimize my performance and establish effective systems of operation?

  • Is it possible to reprogram my brain and produce lasting change in my life?

  • Does success and defeat really leave clues?

  • What's my story and what solutions do I carry?

Week #4 – Where Am I Going?
  • What's my vision, mission, and mandate?

  • Why and where do I sabotage my success?

  • What makes the impossible possible?

  • How will I get from here to there?

Relationship Currency


Money Matters


Begin with the End in Mind

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