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Money Matters


  • Learn how to grow money investing in 3 macro asset classes (Real Estate, Business, Market)

  • Learn how to manage your money (spending plan and credit health)

  • Learn how to protect your money (taxes and insurance)

  • Working toward a "work-optional" lifestyle to live your dream

Week #1 – Spending Plan and Credit Health
  • Will a budget limit or expand my life and future?

  • Is the 50-30-20 rule true? And what are the 5 steps to financial success?

  • What factors matter when it comes to credit scoring?

Week #2 – Taxes and Insurance
  • What documents, resources and terminology are needed for understanding taxes?

  • What are tax brackets, taxes and investing, capital gains vs ordinary income?

  • How important is insurance in protecting assets and loved ones?

Week #3 – Electronic Investing in the Market
  • What is dollar cost averaging?

  • When it comes to investing, what factors should I consider?

  • What are the different types of investment accounts vs the different types of investments?

Week #4 – Real Estate Investing and Becoming a Business Owner
  • When to buy vs rent?

  • How do taxes, capital gains and cash flow work in real estate investing?

  • How do I make sure I'm working on my business vs in my business?

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Begin with the End in Mind

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